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Welcome to the site! This particular web site is based heavily around do-it-yourself projects focusing on cars, computers, game systems, house projects, etc. The goal is to document the various projects I undertake, how I went about researching them, and then to deliver that content to you all. Hopefully we both learn something along the way and enjoy the process. This site is still relatively new so please bare with the "construction" while it all comes together. In the mean time, please feel free to check out some of the subpages by clicking on the navigation link at the top. Note: pages marked (W.I.P.) are "works in progress and will be completed shortly!

Thanks again for stopping by! -Joe

C90S MXM Upgrade Tutorial!

Everyone who has bought a C90S has been waiting, desperately I might add, for a GPU upgrade. Well, this guide will show you how to upgrade your C90S from the extremely hot and poorly performing 8600m GT (DDR2 or DDR3 version) to the cooler running and better performing 9600m GT 512mb DDR3 card.

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